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How many of you have heard Latasha Harlins?

*everyone is silent*

She was killed by Korean store owner Soon Ja Du, which set off the LA Riots. Ice Cube did a song about her called Black Korea, predicting that riot in fact. Some of us know. And no, I didn’t have to look her up. I remember. I read the Final Call.

She was murdered over a damn bottle of orange juice that store owner thought she was going to steal. There were eye witnesses and security camera footage.

The store owner still got no jail time! 

It’s not just an inconvenience to be followed around the store. You can be murdered if the store clerk decides to stand their ground.  If you’ve been followed around a store before, let Harlins tragedy serve as a reminder of why you shouldn’t go back.

Don’t spend money where you are not welcomed!

right??? like it’s not only whites that do this stay woke


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she speakinggg that truthh

smh @ the rest of the co hosts condoning women hitting men though

smh @ the one girl who said “thats blame the victim though” whatttt?

Straight facts

Don’t hit someone and except not to get hit back. That’s just common sense. Whether it’s male or female

thats what im saying her co-hosts made some of the stupidest comments i’ve ever heard, if thats the case women can just walk down the street and punch any man she wants for fun

I’ve seen many instances of these gender roles in society in which women get reckless and/or bold simply because they feel having a vagina protects them from retribution, and I swear that ideal needs to die b/c Feminists will talk out of the side of their mouths for plenty of days on end on how men and women need to be equal, but suddenly drop the “dainty, frail, damsel in distress” attitude when a fight occurs between a man and a woman, regardless of who provoked it.



And just like that, Whoopi gets my respect again. Those other hosts keep saying “Men are stronger” and “They can’t back when they’re hit.” They want all the fucking equality until it comes to the point that they may have to be responsible and not feel entitled to beat on a guy anymore. How sad, you can’t use your sex as a defense anymore.

Equality bitches. Get used to it. 

i thought i remembered that she said something really awfull once and that made me lose all respect for her

but this made me gave her mad credz, gooooooooo whoopi

wait i remember now, it was on the view( i think) when they (sharon osbourne was among them) laughing at someones penis getting chopped of and she was the only one not laughing and called them out on it

she is now a


I thought she was laughing too? I’m glad she wasn’t because that’s what had made me lose a lot of respect for her I had.

That’s what I get for simply listening to rumors.

her co-hosts are literally thinking that all domestic abuse is man abusing the woman. So are they seriously trying to persuade someone that if a woman is always hitting her husband/boyfriend in the relationship, that’s not abuse? smh

lol they said if he hits us back we’re calling the cops what type of bullshit is that

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sometimes i get distracted by my own cleavage like… nice…….


when you at a family event and somebody say ‘all the boys gone be chasing after you’



this gif actually changed my life 


this gif actually changed my life